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20120328_1247aMy name is Katie, i’m 33 and i’m a long-term vegan who really likes movies and t.v.  I used to do ‘dinner and a movie’ on my personal site every year for Vegan Month of Food, but I finally decided to give it it’s own site.  I wrap myself in sarcasm, toilet humor, and Buffy references like a large, evil, Mexican serape.

The concept is simple:  I pick a movie, or a season of a t.v. show, and I base a menu around it.  I’m not really trying to review anything, and I don’t normally invent recipes myself because of the time already involved in doing each movie.  Pretty much every recipe i’ve thought would go with a movie, i’ve been able to find on the internet and I am happy to pass a click onto my fellow bloggers.

Any recipes that appear on here from a cookbook was posted with express permission from the author, and the use of screen caps from the various films and television are protected under fair use (please don’t sue me, bro).  All graphics are done by Amanda Chronister, if you’re looking for a freelance illustrator hit her up!

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