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Don’t Trust the B (seasons 1 & 2)

Don’t Trust the B is in my top five ‘how dare they fucking cancel this show’ of the past few years.  I get angry just thinking about it.  I want to shake everyone and say ‘WHY DIDN’T YOU WATCH THIS’.

June moves to NYC after getting her MBA, she has a beautiful apartment and a brand new job as a somethingsomethingfancybusinessperson.  But on her first day, she arrives to find that the company is being shut down.  Since her apartment is owned by the company, she has to find a new place ASAP – AKA apartment 23.  She moves in and quickly discovers that her new roomie, Chloe, is a lying, stealing bitch who is trying to fleece a sweet midwestern girl out of her money and then drive her out of the apartment.  But June stands up to Chloe, and they become BEST FRIENDS.  Kind of.  It’s another odd couple situation, Chloe likes to drink and con her way through life, and June is the nice girl who wants to earn her way through life.  What kind of game is that?

The best part of the show is that Chloe’s best friend is James Van Der Beek, playing a ridiculous version of himself.  James stars in Japanese drink commercials, has his own line of jeans, and a main part of the storyline for the first half of the show is him getting on Dancing with the Stars.  I never watched Dawson’s Creek, but I am a fan of his many other works.  And with the Beeks comes a bunch of Dawson jokes and other former teen idols.  There’s also Eli, the pervert neighbor and city health inspector; Luther, James’ gay assistant; and Robin, Chloe’s stalker ex-roommate. Everyone is a caricature of a stereotype, but here it works and you will love them all. Except Mark, he’s pretty boring.

Sadly, Don’t Trust the B was canceled after two short seasons, I think part of it was the name. The fact that ABC took half of the episodes from season one and stuck them in season two, and then jumbled them all around, didn’t help things. But it’s on Netflix, and the nice thing about short shows is that you can plow through them in a single weekend.

Starring Kristen Ritter (Veronica Mars, Breaking Bad, best bangs ever), Dreama Walker (Gossip Girl, The Good Wife), the Beek, Ray Ford (Grey’s Anatomy), and Liza Lapira who has managed to get work every season for the past five years on a show that was quickly canceled: Dollhouse, Traffic Light, this show, and Super Fun Night. Plus there are guest spots from people like Thomas Lennon, Missi Pyle, Thomas Lennon, Daviz Krumholtz, Richard Dean Anderson, Mark Paul Gosselaar, and Charo. That’s right. Motherfucking CHARO and she brought her guitar. Rosalind Chao, Keiko from Star Trek TNG/DS9, has a small part as a pastor.

Appetizer: “Who wants a welcome soup shot in their tummy?” “Shut your face, mom!”
Entree: June really likes her Korean Baptist Church, and you will really like these Korean BBQ Seitan Tacos.
Dessert: Dawson is the MOOOOOOOOON pies.
Snack: Since it’s going to take you more than one meal to watch, salute June’s barista career with Coffee Roasted Almond + Toasted Coconut Dark Chocolate Bark.
Cocktail: Further proof that any recipe you can imagine is already on the internet, a sexy Lemon Verbena & Raspberry Jamtini.

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