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Halloween movies, ready to go!

I do have some posts planned for this month*, but until then here are horror movies I have posts for that are currently available to stream somewhere online. Obviously you can also check out the horror section in the categories menu to the right, but these are movies that you can watch right away if you go to the site mentioned and look it up.

The Addams Family (Netflix, Amazon)
Carrie (Netflix, Amazon)
Children of the Corn (Netflix, Hulu)
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Netflix, Hulu)
Hellraiser (Netflix [all of them], Hulu [I and II])
Night of the Demons (Hulu)
The Stuff (Netflix)

*how time flies when you’ve been sucked into Hearthstone!

posted: 14 October 13
under: informational post

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