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Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle

That wallpaper is SCARY, dudes.

Harold and Kumar is definitely one of those movies where I said, “That movie sounds stupid.  I’m never watching that.”  And it is pretty stupid – stupidly FUNNY.  It’s a stoner comedy that purposely adds elements to mess with anyone who is watching the movie stoned.   Like them riding a cheetah through the forest on the most blatant green screen ever and a two minute fantasy montage about Kumar marrying a giant bag of weed.

Harold and Kumar are odd couple roomies who love pot and fast food.  Harold is an uptight investment banker who lets his co-workers walk all over him and can’t even say hi to the cute girl in the elevator, while Kumar is goofing his way through med school interviews so his dad will keep paying for his apartment and, presumably, his weed.  One night, they get high and decide to go to White Castle.  MOVIE OVER.  j/k, j/k, obviously there are obstacles in their way, adventures, more weed, extreme bros, Freakshow, Neil Patrick Harris…


Yeah, that’s right.  If anything, you should watch the movie to see NPH play a fictionalized, womanizing, ball-tripping version of himself.  This was the beginning of people realizing that NPH is a badass.  Also be prepared to sing along to Wilson Phillips without shame because Hold On is a straight JAM.

Starring John Cho (American Pie, Star Trek reboot), Kal Penn (House, HIMYM), and cameos from a ton of people:  Christopher Meloni, David Krumholtz, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Ryan Reynolds, Fred Willard, Anthony Anderson, Mailn Akerman, and Jamie Kennedy.

Entree:  Sliders, but probably not 30 of them.  You can make your own (and make buns if needed), but I feel this is a time when it’s appropriate to pop open a box of the Gardein sliders.

Side:  White Castle serves crinkle cut fries, which give me flashbacks to grade school and make me want to dry heave, but to each their own.  If you want crinkle fries, get a bag!  If you want to make weed jokes, herbed sweet potato fries fit the bill.

Dessert/drink: A curry slushie sounds awful (and racist), but a matcha slushie sounds delightful.  And it’s green, too!

posted: 14 September 2
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