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The Jerk

It happens twice a year. I hear a thump at the door, and the dogs start barking. I shuffle to the door, open it, and see it lying there. I reach down, pick it up, and start hopping up and down and exclaiming “The new phone book is here, the new phone book is here!”

I have been quoting The Jerk for at least 25 years, getting excited about the phone book, describing the only things I need, talking about my special purpose, singing about thermoses so much that my husband actually bought me a vinyl striped thermos off of ebay…I better stop now before this entire post is just quotes and a recipe link.

Navin R. Johnson is a bum who wants to tell us his life story, starting with him being abandoned on the doorstep of a family in Mississippi. Navin isn’t a ‘jerk’ because he’s mean, but because he’s really naive. He’s so naive that he has to be told he’s adopted by his mom, even though he’s the only white person in the family. Later that night, he hears a song on the radio that compels him to leave home and strike out on his own. After acquiring a dog named Shithead, he ends up with a job at a gas station, where many wacky hijinks ensue, causing him to join a carnival where he meets the girl of his dreams, and loses her…then gets her again…then loses her…it’s a little tiring but at least there’s a sweet ukelele duet involved. Despite the fact that he’s incredibly dumb, Navin manages to strike it rich and everything works out okay in the end!

The Jerk is often put on ‘funniest movies evar’ lists, for a good reason. I think it holds up better than a lot of movies from this era and is just as funny today as it was when it came out.

Starring Steve Martin (who?), and Bernadette Peters (Annie, Broadway, Smash).

I’ll confess, I was going to do this movie two years ago. I found two oven-safe ‘cups’ (stoneware bowls with handles) and made two layer pizzas in them, but the top layer came out un-cooked and gross and I couldn’t put up a Cup O’ Pizza recipe that didn’t work. When I say the Maximum Salad video for the vegan pizza cake, I was like ‘ohhhhhh, of course you would pre-bake the inside crust’. So thanks, Wes and Jessica!

If you don’t have oven-safe cups or don’t want to put the effort in, try this easy recipe: buy a frozen vegan pizza, heat it up, cut it, and place the slices in a cup. DONEZO.

Don’t forget your twinkies, and a Tab to wash them down.

posted: 14 September 30
under: 70s, comedy

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