How To Choose And Use CBD Oil Properly

CBD oil has beneficial properties for the body; just like castor oil or coconut oil, or even jojoba oil, it is used in the composition of many cosmetic products.

Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers relieve the skin, scalp, etc. CBD also acts as an excellent high-performance antioxidant; it slows down oxidation and prevents free radicals from spreading.

In other words, it protects you from the passage of time.

But the active ingredients of CBD oil do not stop there; they act on the surface and within your body. In the body, CBD helps to reduce inflammation and signs of stress.

Anxiety and nervousness are constantly increasing today, as the pace of modern life helps to nourish them. Its powerful neuroprotective and antioxidant properties stimulate your body and brain.

CBD oil can also be used as a dietary supplement for anxiety disorders; it harmonizes emotions and helps you maintain a positive state of mind.

Among its wide range of benefits, there are also its analgesic, antispasmodic, and anti-proliferation effects.

So, if you are stressed, have trouble sleeping, or are looking for vegetable oils rich in favorable properties for your body, take a look at cannabidiol first.

Guide how To Choose Your CBD Oil?

1/ Check the Origin of Hemp

As the name suggests, CBD oil is made from … CBD! Well, ok, so far you don’t learn much. However, did you know that CBD is a cannabinoid present in hemp? Hemp is, therefore, the raw material used to make CBD oil.

The area of origin of the hemp used and the cultivation methods are therefore the main elements to consider when choosing a quality CBD oil. Any reputable manufacturer will provide you with this information.

Geographical Origin

Why is the place of origin important? For three main reasons, for its soil: the more prosperous the earth will be in nutrients, the better the hemp will be.

Also, for the overall purity of the growing area. Indeed, hemp is a rich plant because it draws many elements from its ecosystem during its growth, including air. Therefore, the places of culture to be favored are rural areas and far away from pollutants as much as possible.

Finally, a local place of cultivation will allow for less pollution for the transport of the product. The CBD Guide, therefore, recommends preferring CBD oils from hemp grown in France or nearby Europe.

Cultivation Methods

The CBD Guide recommends selecting hemp from organic or bio culture. This guarantees natural hemp and free of pesticides. In addition to being better for your body, these means of cultivation help keep the soil and the planet healthier. And that, the guide of the CBD appreciates a lot!

Finally, the European labels of organic or bio culture have strict and well-defined specifications. You can therefore trust the labeled producers in Europe with your eyes (almost) closed.

2/ Choosing the Right Extraction Method

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the hemp plant. For this, several extraction methods exist. Their processes differ and do not all allow to reach the same quality of finished products. The CBD guide gives you its opinion!

1st Method (our Favorite): C02 Extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction is the method par excellence for extracting CBD. It is the safest, most scientifically controlled, and most efficient technique. Supercritical (also called subcritical) extraction creates a protective environment with controlled temperatures throughout the extraction process to preserve the different cannabinoid molecules. The extracted CBD is therefore of the highest quality.

The disadvantage of this method is its price. Indeed, this extraction process is costly since it requires complex equipment.

However, the best brands use this process to guarantee a final product of the best quality. This is the method that the CBD Guide advises you to buy a quality CBD oil.

2nd Method: Oil Extraction

CBD can also be extracted using food-grade oils. These oils can be hemp oil or olive oil. With this extraction method, the final product has the advantage of having no harmful chemical residues, but the extraction quality remains lower than the CO2 extraction method.

3rd Method (which We Would Not Like to Have to Talk About): Solvent Extraction

The only advantage of this method is its price: much lower than the two previous ways.

Its disadvantages? It leaves traces in the product obtained and is not natural. You will have understood it, the Guide of the CBD is not for and advises you to avoid this type of product.

3/ Choosing the Right Concentration of Cbd

Now that you have verified the origin of the hemp and the method of extraction of CBD from your oil, you will surely face a new criterion: the concentration of CBD. 2.5%, 5%, 10%, 20% CBD sometimes even up to 30%!

So Among All These Concentrations of Cbd, Which One to Choose?

First of all, the concentration’s choice is intimately linked to the CBD dosage you wish to obtain. However, the dosage is very personal with CBD oils and depends on several factors, such as your weight, the symptoms you want to treat, or your tolerance to CBD.

If you wish to start taking CBD oil, it is best to start with light doses by taking a few drops 2 to 3 times a day, and then, after a week, do a check-up to analyze the evolution. If the result does not meet your expectations, it is then possible to increase the dosage as you go along; from one week to another, for example.

Therefore, it is often advisable to start with low or typically dosed oils (i.e., with a CBD rate between 2.5 and 6% CBD).

If you are familiar with CBD oil, you can move towards more dosed oils (10% and more) to obtain more effects.

Please note: We are neither doctors nor therapists, so we only provide objective information here, and this advice does not replace the advice of a therapist or doctor.

A Little Calculation for The More Scientific

The CBD concentration is related to the amount of CBD contained in the vial. Simple reasoning to keep in mind is that the dose of CBD in 2 drops of CBD oil concentrated at 5% will be equivalent to the amount present in 1 drop of CBD oil dosed at 10%.

Beyond the concentration of CBD oil, the quantity of CBD desired is a critical factor of choice in your oil. Below is a table that will give you the number of CBD per drop of oil according to your bottle’s concentration.

4/ Full Spectrum Oil vs Cbd Isolated

There are two prominent families of CBD oils: full-spectrum oils and CBD isolate fats.

So what is the difference between them and which one to choose?

A full-spectrum CBD oil is an oil from which the CBD has been extracted together with the other compounds of the plant, i.e., other cannabinoids and terpenes. An isolated CBD oil contains only CBD.

The advantage of the full spectrum oil is that the CBD interacts with the other compounds of the hemp plant and allows you to benefit from the so-called entourage effect, making the oil more effective.

The disadvantage of a full spectrum oil is that it may therefore contain T.H.CT.H.C. It will, therefore, potentially be banned for sale in your country. It may also cause slight effects due to T.H.CT.H.C. It is therefore essential to check the concentration of T.H.C.T.H.C. present in it. In the U.S.A., the authorized T.H.C.T.H.C. level is 0.2% maximum.

It is up to you to choose and check the % of T.H.C.T.H.C. present in the oil so as not to be surprised!

5/ Check the Accreditations of Laboratories

Brands offering quality CBD oils very often have their products controlled by third-party laboratories. After their analysis, these laboratories provide documents and one or more accreditations to the products. These validations are an excellent way to be sure to make the right choice.

6/ Choosing a Galenic Form

CBD oil is sold in two forms: bottled oil with a pipette or in capsules.

For an equivalent oil, the galenic form does not change (or very little) the amount of CBD absorbed by your body. The choice of the galenic form is therefore based solely on the comfort of use.

One advantage of capsules, for example, is the absence of gout when taken and the precise dosage of the tablets compared to drops.

The advantage of pipette oil is that it can be diluted, the packaging often takes up less space, and the doses can be adjusted more easily.

7/ Paying the Right Price

We agree marketing and price have become two elements of sales. However, we tend to think that the right product has a specific cost. What’s more, a brand that pays its producers a fair price can’t sell off its fees. We, therefore, advise you to be vigilant about very inexpensive products.

Also, to save money, we advise you to compare the different concentrations and volumes available. Indeed, with the same CBD concentration, a 30ml bottle of CBD oil will be potentially more interesting financially than three bottles of 10ml.

Finally, compare the comparable; a 20% CBD oil will be more expensive than a 5% CBD oil.

F.A.Q. About CBD

CBD Oil the 25 Most Asked Questions

CBD oil is made from hemp plants and is a legal product in most European countries. The oil is used as a dietary supplement, and many people appreciate the beneficial effects. As there are many questions about CBD oil, we have summarized the most frequently asked questions for you. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that occurs in hemp. CBD oil can be purchased online.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is made from hemp plants and contains many CBD, and little or no T.H.CT.H.C. CBD oil does not cause a mental or psychoactive effect but has a beneficial effect. CBD oil is used by people who suffer from a variety of ailments. We sell CBD oil as a dietary supplement and cannot give medical advice.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

CBD oil is legal in the Netherlands and most European countries. The product is made from industrial hemp and therefore contains little, or no T.H.CT.H.C. T.H.C.T.H.C. is an illegal substance in most European countries. More specifically, the CBD oil brand Medihemp, the only CBD brand in Europe, is certified organic.

What Is the Difference Between Cbd Oil and T.H.C.T.H.C. Oil?

CBD oil is made from hemp and contains little or no T.H.CT.H.C. T.H.C.T.H.C. oil is made from cannabis and contains many T.H.C.T.H.C. and less CBD. T.H.C.T.H.C. oil is also called Rick Simpson oil and is illegal in the Netherlands because of its high T.H.C.T.H.C. concentration.

Cannabis Sativa L.

For the sake of clarity, a short explanation about the origin of our products. The industrial hemp used to make all our products at CBD comes from the botanical family “Cannabis Sativa Linnaeus.” This botanical name includes all varieties of cannabis. Industrial hemp is the wise nephew of this great botanical family. Industrial hemp does not contain psychoactive substances. There is, therefore, no difference between possible Indica or Sativa effects because hemp does not possess these properties.

Where Can I Buy Cbd Oil?

CBD oil can be purchased online; Diamond CBD offers one of the highest quality CBD products.

How Many Drops of Cbd Oil Should I Use?

The use of CBD oil can vary per person and per product. It is advisable to start with a dose of 1-2 drops, 1-2 times a day. Then you can adjust the amount according to your needs. Also, read the instructions for use in the leaflet provided with the product.

Do I Get “high” or “stoned” from Cbd Oil?

No, CBD oil does not contain psychoactive substances and therefore does not cause any mental effects. Users have reported feeling more relaxed after use.

Can Cbd Oil Cure Cancer?

There is too little research-based information and results available to say. Usually, T.H.C.T.H.C. oil is used in combination with CBD oil to relieve or cure cancer patients. Cannabis is also used to ease the side effects of cancer and radiation therapy. For more information on this topic, see the links at the bottom of this article.

How Long Can I Keep Cbd Oil?

CBD oil should be stored in a dark, cool place, such as the fridge. The oil can be stored for at least one year. Cool storage reduces the viscosity of the oil. Always use CBD oil at room temperature.

Does Cbd Oil Help to Cure My Disease?

We sell CBD oil as a dietary supplement and cannot give medical advice. Many people, including our customers, appreciate the beneficial effect of CBD oil. If you want to know if CBD oil can help cure your disease or condition, do some research on the Internet. Several reliable websites are mentioned at the bottom of this article.

Preventive Use of Cbd

Why use CBD oil preventively? A correct application of the preventive use of CBD is also related to the reduction of the use of common drugs. An additional psychological benefit is the increased attention to a healthy lifestyle. We are convinced that it is possible to extend life naturally while staying healthy. Do not underestimate the influence of good sleep, regular sports, and a healthy diet.

You Can Use the Cbd for A Long Time.

CBD is a dietary supplement and can be used for extended periods, sometimes even a lifetime. This is very easy for many people: taking CBD preventively becomes a habit, just as there are many good habits. You will naturally get used to the taste, and if this continues to be a problem, we advise you to use the capsules, which do not taste bitter. The question is: why use CBD oil preventively? This question is easily understandable: When you don’t have symptoms yet, CBD’s need is not clear to everyone.

Even if you start taking CBD in a motivating way, you may, in the long run, doubt the usefulness of CBD. Once you get used to taking CBD, you may feel perfectly healthy. You may then think that you no longer need CBD. It is important to persevere. So please continue to bring our CBD oil preventively without worry. You will not regret it.

Can the Oil Be Sent to Germany, France, or Belgium?

CBD oil is made from hemp plants and is a legal product in most European countries. Always check the legislation in your country. We are not responsible for local legislation.

What Is the Best Cbd Oil?

Diamond CBD oils are all tested and approved, their CBD products meet our (high) quality requirements. The difference between the oils is mainly the concentration of CBD. CBD oils with a higher percentage of CBD often have a more significant effect than an oil with a lower CBD percentage.

Can Cbd Oil Cause Side Effects?

No side effects are known with the regular use of this product.

Does Cbd Oil Come with Instructions for Use or A Leaflet?

No, most bottles of CBD oil are delivered without instructions for use or leaflet. CBD oil can only be used as a dietary supplement, and manufacturers are therefore careful with advice.

Does Cbd Oil Work as Well as You Can Read on The Internet?

Yes, many people have positive experiences with CBD oil. On the Internet, you can find a lot of research that has confirmed the positive effect of CBD. Over the last few years, a lot of research has been done in the U.S.A.U.S.A. and England

The Bureau for Medical Cannabis of the Dutch government states that CBD has very beneficial effects. Because of the past’s positive results, a lot of research is still being done on this product. For more information, see the references at the bottom of this article.

How Should Cbd Oil Be Taken?

The product is taken orally; you put one or a few drops under the tongue. To avoid overdosing, you can also set the dots on your hand and lick them off. Some people do not like the taste; they can put the product on a piece of bread. Shake well before use.

Things to Consider when Buying CBD Products

  • Buy only CBD oil from a reputable brand.
  • Do not buy CBD without C.O.A.C.O.A. (Certificate of Analyses)
  • Buy only CBD-based products from renowned online stores.
  • Find out more about the active cannabinoids in CBD oil.
  • Find out what oil is used to dissolve CBD.
  • If you are sure of the product you are looking for, buy it in economical packaging.

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